5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Music


Creating a successful brand in the music industry is not a piece of cake. You are competing with hundreds of thousands of other artists who want the same thing as you. The difference is, you are here...on this blog and in this community, learning how to effectively brand yourself and market your music.

Our goal is to set realistic expectations for yourself, while setting yourself apart from the crowd bylearning the right tactics for your music business. Here are a few creative ways to promote your music that may have not come across your radar yet:




Concert window "brings fans into your world" by allowing you to stream live across the world and connect with your fans in an intimate way. While similar to doing a Facebook Live, this gives fans a sense of exclusivity and intimacy - like peering into your world through the window.

It is also set up as a "pay-what-you-want" platform, so you can still accept tips and offer tip rewards. Concert Window is a great option if you have a slow tour calendar, want to test new music or are promoting a new single/record.



Here's how NoiseTrade works... you [the musician] offer up a song or EP for free. A fan [the consumer] downloads that song for free in exchange for their email address and postal code. It's as simple as that. I know this may seem like an unequal trade. After all, you spent hours and hundreds-to-thousands of dollars in the recording studio. However, it actually puts you in the driver seat. Fan data will allow you to locate where your audience exists, so you can market your music and tour in that area. This takes me to tip number 3...



Email marketing has remained an essential tool to attract and retain an audience. Why? The majority of the population uses email, and you have direct access into their inbox. In fact, many consumers still use email for shopping and finding deals. It is no different for selling tickets to a show or promotions on band merchandise.

There are several reasons why email is a smarter, more long-term solution to marketing than social media. 1) While social media platforms come and go, email is here to stay. 2) Social platforms are able to take away your profile (with all the followers you worked so hard for) at any given time. When you create an email list, you own that list. 3) Research shows that 86% of people use their phones to check their email, and is the second most important activity carried out on their phone.

All that said, email marketing is definitely something you cannot do without. Just be sure to keep your emails relevant, timely and creative. I highly recommend MailChimp for your email marketing needs.



Getting added to a well-followed, niche playlist on streaming platforms like Spotify can quickly expose your music to thousands of new fans. Get a seat at the table by reaching out to the creator of the playlist on social media or directly through the social music platform you are using.



A great way to bump your your fanbase is to write and perform with other musicians. Regardless if they have a larger fanbase than yours or not, mutually sharing about a collaboration immediately puts you in front of their fanbase - and them in front of yours. Network with artists in your circle, or reach new artists on social media (DM), about playing a show together or setting up a writing session.