Failure Is Not A Dirty Word


Failure. It sends shivers up your spine, makes you break out in a sweat, and makes you cringe at its very mention like a high school gym coach. Folks often run away from failure. It is not very, shall we say, romantic. Have you ever walked away from opportunity merely to avoid failure? I will be the first one to tell you...

I 👏 GET 👏 IT 👏

Wanting to avoid the feeling of embarrassment and hide under a rock at the very thought of showing your face and feeling the weight of disappointment. Oh, the agony! We have made being fearful of failure a habit, and it is not a healthy one.

What exactly happens when we allow fear to take us over? Well, a number of things. We learn to play it safe and never take risks. We learn to doubt our abilities and induce self-esteem issues. We learn to be cautious at every corner.  We learn to be scared at opportunities and make excuses. We learn to be negative, and smear that negativity over everyone around us. We learn to not fail

I read something recently that said, "Depression lives in the past. Fear lives in the future."


In the FUTURE. Fear is made up of things that have not even happened. The unknown. Can you believe that? This is a big deal for artists, because we take risks on pursuing our passion yet allow "what-ifs" to saturate the soul. When we ask "what-if...?" what we're really saying is... "what if we/you/me fail?"

I am here to tell you there is light at the end of the failure tunnel. In fact, it is a BRIGHT light, and we should be full steam ahead. Instead of being fearful of failure, we should be faithful. Full of faith. Faith means going for it. Faith means being daring. Faith means not holding back. Faith means not being afraid to fail. Guess what...


The most successful people in the history of the world will tell you that failing often is what helped them make their mark. Thomas Edison tried 1,001 ways to make a lightbulb. When asked about it, he said, "I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb." He was not fearful of failing, because he knew that success it not always hinged on doing something right. If you try and fail... you learn. Failure equals innovation.


Sometimes - most times - things do not go the way you planned.  But it is crucial that you do not let your failures in life ruin what you have set out to do, or be fearful of trying again. Instead, turn your disappointment and fear into resilience, motivation, and faith. If resilience were an automobile, failure would be the gasoline. It's taking you somewhere. And somewhere is better than staying here.

Failure is no longer a dirty word in my dictionary. In fact, I can now find it right next to the word success. You see, failure is how we become successful. Failure shows us the areas where we need to evolve. When you look failure straight in the eyes, it is in these moments that the most life changing growth and learning will happen.

Have faith. Embrace failure. And if I haven't done a great job at selling it, maybe you'll listen to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:



I encourage you to take out a piece of paper and spend some time writing down your fears. Marinate on where they derive from. you will likely arrive at *fear of failure*. and then... let them go. Burn the paper. on a new sheet of paper, turn those previous fears into affirmative actions. Things you will doand try. And this time, don't be fearful of failing.

Natalie RheaMindfulness